Sirin Labs (SRN)

Sirin Labs (SRN)

SRN is a token that could absolutely explode in 2018. This company has already mastered the ultra secure smartphone and is now branching out into the block-chain arena. Using the operating system Finney, they are creating a new smartphone and PC that will allow instantaneous transactions from SRN to other major Crypto currencies such as Bitcoin and Etherium resulting in effortless transactions. There are three standout features that I see on this phone;

Idle CPU monetization
P2P data sharing Abroad
Battery Sharing with other Finney Devices

The biggest reason why I see this token going big in 2018 is its lack of listing options for exchanges. Right now it is only listed on with the promise of being listed on others at a later date. The current price is $3.04 as of 7:03 Central.

Before we head off look at the first 6 on the list of advisors


Are you on board? Let me know in the comments below! Full disclosure I own shares of SRN, I believe in this product and will be holding until the phone releases at the earliest.

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