I sold 5 shares of Microsoft, Here is what I bought

Happy Day before Easter to you, I wanted to take a moment to share what I believe to be a great move. I am really high on Microsoft and believe they will be around forever, just not at the $100 mark. I sold 5 shares at $96 for a total of $483.80.

Here is what I bought;
Vanguard Real Estate ETF $75.70
Avalon Bay $160.99
Target $70.55
Arbor Realty Trust $8.78
Kroger $23.59
3 shares of Coke a Cola $$45.02 each
Kinder Morgan $16.32
2 shares of Global Medical REIT $7.10

Those 5 shares of Microsoft paid me $2.10 in dividends each quarter. Lets compare that to what I bought by percentage;

Microsoft 2.26%

Vanguard Real Estate ETF 4.29%
Avalon Bay 3.18%
Coke A Cola 3.22%
Target 3.3%
Arbor Realty 8.2%
Kroger 1.68%
Kinder Morgan 2.76%
Global Medical 9.756%

As you can see, just about all of these shares pay dividends at a higher percentage than Microsoft. I intend to purchase Microsoft stock again once the price comes under $80.

Have you made any moves this month? Share in the comments!

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