I made $14.09 in Dividends, April 2018

Wow! What a month for dividends! Already my Microsoft sale (http://investlikeafish.com/i-sold-5-shares-of-microsoft-here-is-what-i-bought/) is leading towards monthly gains. In the Month of April I brought in $14.09, an increase of $4.48 over last quarter. This is the single largest increase I have had since I started investing.

Now I know that $14 a month is not anywhere close to livable but it is a great start to my journey of living off dividends. My total portfolio currently rests just under $1,900 so imagine what these dividend numbers will be like at $100,000!

Below is an update of what stocks paid out last month. And have a margarita, happy Cinco de Mayo.

PMT $2.35
RSO $.25
ANH $1.05
MKC $.52
O $.22
DX $.90
PNNT $.90
WSR $.67
BIT $.23
SBR $.28
SJR $.08
GOOD $.13
BRG $.49
GMRE $.60
SLD $.37
GNL $.18
STWD $.48
GE $.36
GAIN $.07
CSCO $.33
MAIN $.19
NTR $.80
KO $1.17
ANB $1.47

Total $14.09

What are you all investing in? I would love to see it below in the comments.

Thanks for reading

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