Dividend Payout November 2017

November resulted in a measly payout of $3.67, this is an increase over the previous quarter but disappointing non the less. In 2018 I will need to add some shares that pay on this quarterly cycle.

Here are the stocks that paid:
Potash Corp (POT): $.50 (side note- this company just sold so I will be getting shares of a new company later this year)
Realty Income (O): $.21
Whitestone REIT (WSR): $.67
Black rock Multi Sector (BIT): $.23
Sabine Royalty (SBR): $.16
Shaw Communications (SJR): $.08
Gladstone Commercial (GOOD): $.13
Bluerock Residential (BRG): $.29
Global Lease (GNL): $.18
AT&T (T):$.49
Gladstone Investment (GAIN): $.07
Tanger Factory Outlet (SKT): $.34
Mainstreet Capitol (MAIN): $.19
Kinder Morgan (KMI): $.13
Total $3.67

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