December Dividend Payout $7.39

Let’s take a look at what stock paid!

Microsoft (MSFT): $2.10
Intel (INTC): $0.27
Realty Income Delaware (O): $0.21
Ford (F): $0.75
Whitestone Realty (WSR): $0.67
Blackrock Multi Sector (BIT): $0.23
Sabine Realty (SBR): $0.20
Shaw Communications (SJR): $0.08
Gladstone Commercial (GOOD): $0.13
Arbor Realty (ABR): $0.19
Bluerock Residential (BRG): $0.29
Global Lease (GNL): $0.18
General Motors (GM): $0.38
Corr Infrastructure (CORR): $0.75
Corning (GLW): $0.16
AMC (AMC): $0.20
Gladstone Investment (GAIN): $0.13
Main Street Capitol (MAIN): $0.47

Total: $7.39

Looking good! My next post will be recapping the year and predicting the year ahead!

Thanks for reading

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