Crypto is Back? Develop a Plan

Happy Saturday!

I am happy to report that Crypto has finally seen a massive comeback for myself and many of you. Also I believe we have learned a valuable lesson; sell in December!!

I haven’t gone over total value of my portfolio but I will today; in the past month my personal portfolio is up almost 50% almost to the break even point.  Right now sitting at $8,244.52 which is $195.52 from my break even. That is slightly deceptive however as my total investment in the space is a little over $7K but as I’ve traded and made moves the gains are not fully recognized. (I purchased mining equipment, mined, then sold so tracking my total investment has been tricky).

As we have watched this space over the past year one thing as become abundantly clear to me; Decide on your number and sell when it hits. For me this is not a specific coin or token this is an entire portfolio number. I have my sights set on $30k which is roughly an increase of  3.6X.

I am rooting for the space and I honestly believe one of these may be the future of currency. the challenge is that nobody in the space or otherwise knows which one. That is why having a plan is so important. If Litecoin become the defacto I may have been rich at that time but if I hit my number I will be entirely debt free and have a larger investment portfolio.

Good Luck out there! Where do you all stand % wise? Interested to hear below in the comments.

Thanks for reading – Stephen

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