2017 Investing Recap

In 2017 I made a total of $66.80 in dividends on a total investment of $1,574.39. That is a dividend rate of 4.24%.

Here are a few key figures for the year;

  • That will increase in 2018 simply due to the fact I was purchasing stock throughout the year, with a full year of dividends I believe my return rate will be around 8% next year.
  • The highest paying dividend stock for 2017 was Penny Mac Mortgage (PMT) which paid $9.40 last year. I have 5 shares and it is currently selling for $16.04 per share.
  • The lowest paying dividend stock for 2017 was Kinder Morgan (KMI) which paid $0.13 last year. I only had this stock for one payout in 2017 which resulted in the low number.
  • I currently own 85 shares of stock and am up $362.28 for 2017 or 25%! Pretty great year of investing.

What were some of the best moves you made in 2017? Let me know!

Thanks for reading and cheers to 2018!

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