Follow my journey to financial freedom 1 share at at time. Robinhood is an investment platform that, contrary to others, does not charge any trade commission.

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Crypto Investing

Follow the wild journey of investing in Alt-Coins! Crypto investing does not have to be scary.

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Schwab IRA

Follow my traditional IRA as I stick to an investment strategy of $100 per month, invested into highly rated no fee funds. This one is sure to be boring as hell, but hopefully effective. Currently a dead link, not updated

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It Takes Money To Make Money

All of my life I have been told the above, that it takes money to make money. Well this is true to a certain degree, I believe that anyone can make money, and no you don't need to be a wealthy wall-street person to do it.

I will be updating each section either weekly or monthly depending on my schedule and investment activities. You will be able to follow along with my every move or judge the hell out of me when I screw up. That's the fun part.

At the very least I hope you gain the confidence to utilize the investment tools readily available for you and start putting money away for your future.

Cheers and May the Force Be With You.


Please comment on Articles

I want this to be a group effort, if you are reading an article on here please comment with your thoughts, concerns, yelling or whatever you like. Lets have some fun